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(Updated 7 Mar 2023)

Lake Hood Squadron (and currently the Polaris-Lake Hood joint cadet operations) occasionally opens our activities to cadets from outside units.  Per CAPR 60-1 Para. 8.1.3, "cadets must obtain permission from their parent, home unit commander, and be accepted by the hosting unit."  For Lake Hood, please coordinate with 2d Lt Jeremy Engeberg ( regarding your potential attendance at Lake Hood or joint Polaris-Lake Hood meetings.

If you will be driving on Merrill Field for any CAP-related reason, please take the Municipality of Anchorage's Merrill Field Driver Training here and hand in your completed quiz to Capt Karen Padgett or 2d Lt Jeremy Engeberg:


On 24 March 2020, 1st Lt Karen Padgett took command of the Lake Hood Cadet Squadron.  This is her Commander's Intent:

"Our focus is on our people. 

The members make the missions possible.  

The members of this squadron are the heart of the Alaska Wing and will continue to serve with distinction.  

We seek out challenges because we are nimble, creative, resilient, and eager to learn, and because we work together.  

We will grow, we will uplift, and we will inspire all those we meet."


Cadet Organization

Cadet Commander: C/2d Lt Vanderlugt

  • 1st Sergeant: C/CMSgt Ori
  • Safety Cadet: C/SrA EngebergE
  • CAC Reps: C/CMSgt Wegemer (LH), C/CMSgt McArthur (P)
  • CAC Alternates: C/CMSgt Brunelle (LH), C/CMSgt Pittsenbargar (P)
  • CAC Wing Staff: C/2d Lt Krol (Chair), C/Maj Porter (Region Rep)

Deputy Commander for Support: Vacant

  • Aerospace Ed NCO: C/SSgt Johansen
  • Asst Aerospace Ed Cadet: C/SrA EngebergE
  • Emergency Services NCO: C/TSgt Tolbert-Nielsen
  • Asst Emergency Services Cadet: C/SrA Benjamin
  • Supply/Logistics: C/A1C Horton
  • Public Affairs NCO: C/SSgt Owens
  • Recruiting & Retention NCO: C/CMSgt Bennett

Deputy Commander for Operations: C/2d Lt Halliburton

Alpha Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Wegemer, Flight Sergeant C/MSgt Neroda

Bravo Flight Commander: C/CMSgt Sabo (pending), Flight Sergeant C/SrA Jensen

Tango Flight Commander (Training flight for prospective cadets): C/CMSgt McArthur

Alpha Flight Members

  • Adler
  • Andrews
  • Benjamin
  • Bennett
  • Brunelle
  • Burke
  • ConeP
  • EngebergA
  • Harris-Barnes
  • Horton
  • Kai
  • Kosinov
  • Leon
  • Michaud
  • Michele
  • Peterson
  • Phillips
  • Porter, Me
  • Thibault
  • Tolbert-Nielsen
  • Wong
  • Buck
  • Burke
  • Christianson
  • Outing

Bravo Flight Members:

  • Ashlock
  • ConeR
  • EngebergE
  • Foster
  • Gonka
  • Johansen
  • Lockhart
  • Matthews
  • McArthur
  • MellerstigL
  • Meyer
  • Mnroe
  • Oistad
  • Owens
  • Patterson
  • Pittsenbargar
  • Tuia
  • Scharer
  • Skipper
  • Walkup
  • Wilcox
  • Wood
  • PorterMi
  • Vincent
  • PadgettA
  • Lukic
  • Krol
  • MellerstigS
  • ZiesmerA

Senior Member Organization

Squadron Commander: Capt Karen Padgett

Deputy Commander: 2d Lt Jeremy Engeberg

Deputy Commander for Cadets: Capt Nine Sanders

Deputy Commander for Senior Members:

Aerospace Ed Officer: 2d Lt Joseph Moon

Asst Aerospace Ed Officer: TFO Ryan Padgett

Emergency Services (SAR) Officer:

PT Officer: SM Sheavon Brunelle

Health Services Officer: Capt/Dr Wendy "9" Sanders

Finance Officer: 2d Lt Karen Halliburton

Professional Development (Educ & Training) Officer: 

Public Affairs Officer: TBD

Safety Officer: 


About Alaska Wing:  Alaska Wing of the Civil Air Patrol

About CAP National:



Since Civil Air Patrol’s formation during the earliest days of World War II, this vigilant organization of citizen Airmen has been committed to service to America. Founded on Dec. 1, 1941, to mobilize the nation's civilian aviation resources for national defense service, CAP has evolved into a premier public service organization that still carries out emergency service missions when needed — in the air and on the ground.

As a Total Force partner and Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol is there to search for and find the lost, provide comfort in times of disaster and work to keep the homeland safe. Its 60,000 members selflessly devote their time, energy and expertise toward the well-being of their communities, while also promoting aviation and related fields through aerospace/STEM education and helping shape future leaders through CAP’s cadet program.

Civil Air Patrol’s missions for America are many, and today’s adults and cadets perform their duties with the same vigilance as its founding members — preserving CAP’s 75-year legacy of service while maintaining its commitment to nearly 1,500 communities nationwide.

Mission Statement

Volunteers Serving America’s Communities, Saving Lives, and Shaping Futures.

Vision Statement

Civil Air Patrol, America's Air Force auxiliary, building the nation's finest force of citizen volunteers serving America.

Core Values

Integrity, Volunteerism, Excellence and Respect.

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