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2021 Spring Break Workshop

March 2, 2021

To parents of new & prospective Lake Hood CAP cadets,


Lake Hood Squadron will be hosting a "Spring Break Workshop" to orient new cadets, and to help prospective CAP cadets find out more about CAP, Lake Hood Squadron, and all areas of cadet life (leadership, fitness, character, aerospace/STEM, challenge, fun, and the uniform).


We will be meeting 10am-1pm each weekday, Monday through Friday, March 8-12, 2021 (Spring Break for ASD) at the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club, 6721 Raspberry Rd.  


To get the most out of the week, we encourage participants to attend all 5 days if at all possible.  All participants must arrive by 10 am to participate that day but may depart early if necessary (though they might miss out on some cool stuff).  All participants MUST be picked up by 1 pm to be allowed to attend the following day.  


We will be following Municipality of Anchorage, CAP, and Anchorage Radio Club COVID protocols, whichever are most restrictive at any given moment.  With that in mind, we will be prioritizing and possibly limiting the number of participants.


COVID precautions: All people at the Radio Club will wear facemasks covering the mouth and nose and will maintain 6 feet of separation from others indoors and out.  We will keep an attendance log and, upon arrival, ask each person (1) if they have had any COVID symptoms  (2) if they've been exposed in the last 2 weeks to anyone who had COVID, (3) if they've traveled out of state in the previous 2 weeks, (4) and if their temperature is above 99F.  We may spot-check temperatures with a touchless device.  Anyone who answers yes to any of the above will not be able to stay at the Radio Club that day or for the remainder of the week.


We plan to have 3 senior members (adults) present each day, and at least 4 cadet leaders.  These cadets will be leading all activities.  The next highest priority is new & prospective cadets whose parent/guardian has completed and emailed me the attached two forms (permission Form 6080 & emergency contact Form 161) stating which days they will attend, first-come-first-served and who plan to attend the most days.  Then our other existing current cadets will be able to participate. (Email karen.padgett@akwg.cap.gov for these forms)


I have also attached a Cadet Membership Form.  Page 3, listing cadet expectations, is the most important page.  After attending three activities in a row, participants may be invited to join CAP.  Please do *not* register online.  This form is *not* required to participate Spring Break week unless joining on Thursday. (https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/F015_Fillable_Apr_16_D078EC7EFF996.pdf)


Parents, please plan to stay for 30-60 minutes (10-10:30 or 11 am) on Monday.  I will meet with you, let you know a few things about CAP, answer your questions, and find out to what degree you'd also like to participate if your son/daughter(s) join CAP


If your son/daughter(s) plans to join by Thursday, please plan to stay afterward with me Thursday 1-2pm (with your kiddo) and we will get them signed up and registered.  Then they can spend the Friday session doing some things only cadets can do (start to figure out uniforms, register for the online learning system, etc).


11-year-old siblings are welcome to participate this week but cannot join CAP until they are 12.


To receive all CAP Lake Hood reminders, text @caplak (as in CAP LAKe hood) to 81010.


We try to keep activity details updated on our website under the events tab, www.lakehood.cap.gov.


Please "reply" (not "reply all") with any questions.


Very respectfully,

Karen (Cadets call me Lt Padgett)


1st Lt Karen Padgett, CAP

Lake Hood Squadron Commander

(C) 907.350.8533

Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary



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