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Prep for Cadets Joining Lake Hood CAP Cadet Squadron

October 11, 2020

Hello Cadets Considering Joining CAP (and your parents), 

Let's plan to get you signed up with CAP at our (date) meeting at the Anchorage Radio Club, 6721 Raspberry Rd, enter the door in the middle of the building.  Please arrive by 6:30pm with at least one parent.  Meet me in the office.

Parents, if your cadet wants to join this month, please complete the forms I gave them last week.  Please be extra sure to include their Social Security Number.  That is the hardest thing for most parents.  You can find them on your tax return, or your kid's school may be able to help you.  I'll fill in the charter number. Please do NOT apply online.

Parents, please also bring a credit card.  Membership is $28 for this year (then there will be additional expenses for uniforms, boots, some training sessions, etc but we usually don't do those by credit card, roughly $200/yr and we try to keep costs down whenever possible).

Cadets and Parents, please pay special attention to pg 3 of the application.  We take each point very seriously and they are the basis of your success in CAP. 

Cadets, please look at the attached 24 OPSEC slides before we meet to sign you up. I will ask you a few questions about the main points of the slides. (You can also download the blue-highlighted "zip file" from this website https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/emergency-services/operations-support/operational-security-opsec)

Thank you! 

At the membership meeting, we will do as much of the following as possible, assuming everything above has been completed accurately:

  • Join CAP & be assigned a CAPID
  • Be assigned a mentor & wingman 
  • Register for eServices and set the password
  • Set favorites in your eServices account
  • Learn how to navigate to the material and test for Leadership 1
  • Coordinate with Senior Members to determine how to best get yourself an ABU uniform, a Dress Blues uniform, and insignia.

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