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CAP Google/Gmail Account Setup

April 19, 2020

For More Information:

To prepare:

  • Log into eServices (capnhq.gov).  Your login name is your CAPID. 
  • Click on the gears in the upper right, and select "contacts." Make sure your contact email and phone number are current.
  • Get the GMail app for your phone

In a browser (on phone or computer)

  • Go to http://goo.gl/WkgkQe (Or go to the Alaska Wing CAP website, akwg.cap.gov, click on the "Members" tab then select "password reset."
  • Enter your CAPID and where you want to receive your temporary password.  
  • Block-copy your temporary password.
  • Go to www.gmail.com in a browser (Chrome probably works best).  Login. Your login name is <YourCAPID>@akwg.cap.gov.  Your password is the temporary password you received above.
  • Change your password to something you'll remember.

On your phone: 

  • Install the GMail app
  • Click on Circle picture in upper right
  • Add another account, select "Google", enter your CAP email address (<YourCAPID>@akwg.cap.gov) and your new password you selected

In eServices: 

  • Click on the gears in the upper right, and select "contacts."
  • Update your contact information to make your CAP GMail your primary email address

Good work!!

To do the following, email it@akwg.cap.gov.  It may take several days for your request to be processed

  • Change the rank that shows up in your email or Google Meet name (ie CADET Meaders to 1st Lt Meader)
  • Create an alias that is easier for people to remember (ie karen.padgett@akwg.cap.gov will still go to 282238@akwg.cap.gov)

You now have access to the entire AKWG GSuite of products: GMail, Rooms/Spaces, Google Meet (including Breakout Rooms, Polls, and Whiteboards), Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms that are great for surveys and tests), and assorted other Google products.



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